The MULTIPLIERS project has launched the MULTIPLIERS Open Schooling Hub, a platform offering teaching and learning resources for educators to address real-world challenges such as vaccination and biodiversity protection.

The platform features six initial toolkits, covering topics such as air pollution, antimicrobial resistance, biodiversity, clean water and sanitation, and forest use vs. forest protection.

These tools aim to increase students’ interest in science, improve their science career awareness, and boost self-efficacy.

The resources were developed in collaboration with researchers and teachers from various fields, including science, ethics, pedagogy, science communication, and education for sustainable development. The resources help students consider real-world challenges and become knowledge multipliers, engaging their communities in tackling school-related issues.

The MULTIPLIERS Open Schooling Hub showcases the first outputs of the EU-funded Horizon 2020 project, developed by partners like the University of Bonn, University of Cyprus, Autonomous University of Barcelona, University of Ljubljana, Umeå University, IREN, and the European Forest Institute.